Wines Cuvées Chartier

  •   Fronsac A.O.C. «Grand vin de Bordeaux» 2012 Chartier Créateur d’Harmonies, France

    Just as my latest Le Blanc 2014 and Le Rosé 2015 Pays d’Oc IGP Chartier, which were born of my newly acquired maturity as a producer, merchant and vintner—at the vine and in the cellar, and with the help of Bordeaux oenologist Pascal Chatonnet—, the 2012 vintage of my new red Fronsac Bordeaux is a prime example of this evolution, as were those 2015 rosé and 2014 white. Bearing new labels that reflect the importance of the terroir in my approach, this new “vigneron” Bordeaux vintage differs from the 2010 and 2011 vintages due to vine lots with a better location in the hills of the Fronsac controlled designation of origin (A.O.C.), just a stones throw to the West of Pomerol and Saint-Émilion, as well as with a higher proportion of very old Cabernet franc vines, which bring elegance, fruit and brightness to the warmth and texture of the merlot. The origin of the lots we selected, on the hilly terroirs of the Fronsac appellation, as well as the stunning maturity, at least for this vintage, of the cuvées we assembled for this 2012 vintage, give it an unprecedented aromatic definition that is exceptional for its rank, as well as a fruitiness that is bright with ripe and extra fine tannins. Plums, red fruit, button mushrooms, white pepper and coffee all play a part in the aromatic profile of this accomplished wine that I am very proud of.

  •   Le Blanc 2014 Pays D’Oc I.G.P. Chartier Créateur d’harmonies, France

    Just as my new Rosé 2015 Chartier, which is the result of a newfound maturity in my work as a producer, wine vintner and merchant from the vine to the cellar—, and with the help of my usual collaborators, the 2014 vintage of my Langedoc white displays the same noticeable evolution. The bottles are now decorated with new labels that express the importance of the terroir in my new approach, and this new white wine, which was born of the 2014 exceptional Languedoc vintage, distinguishes itself from its two forebears by a higher proportion of Chardonnay as well as the use of the Viognier varietal for the first time. Apricots, peaches, white flowers, honey and coconut are all part of its aromatic profile. As for its forebears, also, this vintage was elaborated at Clos des Augustins, a biodynamic culture domain located in the Pic Saint-Loup appellation.

  •   Le Rosé de Chartier 2015 Pays d’Oc I.G.P., Chartier Créateur d’Harmonies

    The first bottles of my brand new 2015 rosé wine are a reflection of the level of maturity I have reached as a wine vintner and merchant—at the vine and in the cellar—and adorned with new labels that convey the importance of the terroir in my approach. Born of the gorgeous 2015 Languedoc crop, I have elaborated this vintage at Clos des Augustins, a biodynamic culture domain located in the Pic Saint-Loup appellation. This new rosé is robuster and more complex than the excellent 2014 and 2013 vintages thanks to a larger ratio of old grenache noir vines rounded out by a higher percentage of syrah in order to spice things up and invigorate it. It is also more textured and generous than its predecessors, yet just as aromatic and enchanting.

  •   Verdejo de Rueda 2012 Rueda D.O., Chartier Créateur d’Harmonies, Spain

    A seventh wine has arrived to round off the Chartier Créateur d’harmonies range of wines at your SAQ’s Espace Cellier: the irresistible Rueda Chartier 2014, the white sibling to Chartier’s Ribera Del Duero. This new white retails for $18.95 (SAQ code: 10280352). Made from very old vines – 50% of which are 75 years and older—this crisp yet smooth verdejo, a Rueda varietal, distinguishes itself with its passion fruit, apple, basil and citrus aromas and with its aniseed finish typical of sauvignon blanc wines. Contrary to its Bordelais cousin, it presents a heftier structure, due in large part to its warm terroir composed of large worn pebbles in the southern part of the Rueda region; this dry white is complex, refreshing and utterly festive!

  •   Le Rosé de Chartier 2014 Pays d’Oc I.G.P., Chartier Créateur d’Harmonies

    This mealtime rosé arrives to us from the South of France and was made with the excellent 2013 Languedoc vintage. It is gorged with sunshine and was created with one goal in mind: creating vibrant harmonies with summertime foods. This wine is halfway between an appéritif rosé (sometimes called a poolside rosé!) and a more structured rosé designed for gastronomical purposes; it truly represents the best of both worlds. This more than aromatic wine is complex and sophisticated, yet ample, textured and with a mature mouth that remains fresh and utterly pleasing to drink. It is perfectly structured to brilliantly pair with most summer dishes. It will work wonders with salmon, brook trout, shrimp, scampi, calamari, squid, tuna, fresh and sundried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, soy sprouts, potatoes and grilled veggies, as well as grilled white meats. Dishes seasoned with saffron, basil, pink grapefruit juice, peanuts, roasted sesame seed oil, olive oil, paprika, pimenton, Espelette pepper and hot peppers will also warmly welcome pairing with this rosé. As always with Chartier’s wines, the label shows you the way to go!

  •   Ribera del Duero D.O. 2013 Chartier Créateur d’Harmonies

    This Spanish red is the perfect balance between the mineral earthy classicism and the modern fruity approach of Ribera del Duero wines. Born of very old tempranillo vines, it is very colorful, aromatic, mature and deep, with notes of black fruit, mild spices, smoke and roasting. Its mouth is dense, full, textured and quite voluminous and rich, which opens the door to countless pairing possibilities but where grilled meat is king. As with other Chartier wines, the label shows you the aromatic paths that should inspire you!

  •   Côtes-du-Rhône A.O.C. 2012 Chartier Créateur d’harmonies

    Because of their altitude, the Vinsobres vineyards, located at the northern limit of the southern valley, give this red wine freshness, with elegant tannins and a complex aromatic profile (olives, pepper, floral), reminiscent of the syrah from Saint-Joseph and Crozes-Hermitage, to the north, but devoid of the heavy jam notes typical of the southernmost areas.

  •   Le Blanc 2013 Pays D’Oc I.G.P. Chartier Créateur d’harmonies

    This blend of chardonnay, grenache blanc and rolle leads us directly onto the aromatic path of coconut, peaches, honey and nuts. The result? A white wine for red wine lovers, both round and mineral!

  •   Fronsac A.O.C. 2010 Chartier Créateur d’harmonies

    This is an utterly classic and well-fed Fronsac merlot typical of this appellation. It was created by following the aromatic path of roasted peppers and raspberries, thus paving the way for endless possibilities in terms of recipes and harmonies with foods that are complementary to those ingredients. Let the bottle’s label be your roadmap to those possibilities!

  •   Toscana Rosso I.G.T. 2010 Chartier Créateur d’harmonies

    Borne of the terroir located in the Maremma area, to the south of Florence and Bolgheri, this Tuscany Sangiovese expresses the full, textured, luscious mellowness that is the very definition of Tuscan. The aromatic profile, here, is in line with plums, coffee, cloves and Thai basil.


Critics at home and abroad are unanimous about the quality of all 5 wines, in the Chartier Créateur d'harmonies range

Alain Lebel, Magazine Bacchus - 90 points and Top Pick—(Fronsac Chartier 2012) “A brilliant and original accomplishment! After evaluating over 50 Bordeaux wines under $20, this one comes out on top! The new labels are nice and the wine proposes an exceptional price-pleasure ratio!”

Bill Zacharkiw, The Montreal Gazette & ChacunSonVin. Com – 89 points — (Fronsac Chartier 2012) “$18-$23 Mid-priced marvel: Richly textured. Black plums, spice on the nose. Fills out nicely in the mid-palate only to be tightened up on the finish. Oak is nicely integrated, tannins are ripe and round but hold the wine together nicely. At under $20, one of the top Bordeaux at the SAQ.”

Nadia Fournier, ChacunSonVin.Com 89 points — (Fronsac Chartier 2012) « A prime example of its appellation. Generous, filled with merlot’s roundness; nice fruit and a mention-worthy concentration in the context of this vintage. A small proportion of Cabernets (franc and sauvignon in equal proportion) bring a tannic structure and an austere touch during the final that add to its dimension.”

Marc Chapleau, ChacunSonVin. Com – 88 points — (Fronsac Chartier 2012) “A solid Fronsac, surprisingly strong considering the vintage, dense, a certain evolution, a pleasantly tannic character. This Chartier Fronsac 2012 made me want to kiss our own François, so imagine! A good Bordeaux.”

Bill Zacharkiw, ChacunSonVin.Com — 89 points(Le Blanc 2014 Pays d’Oc IGP, Chartier, France) « That's pretty good. Plays along melon and apple notes. Rich texture with a spicy, leesy finish that doesn’t get sticky. Has admirable length as well. Authentic and interesting.

Nadia Fournier, ChacunSonVin. Com 89 points —  (Le Blanc 2014 Pays d’Oc IGP, Chartier, France) “Nicely textured with a fatty side and a refined bitterness that contrasts with the white-fruit flavours and a mineral backdrop that contributes to its thirst-quenching character. A nice finish for its price.

Marc Chapleau, ChacunSonVin. Com – 88 points — (Le Blanc 2014 Pays d’Oc IGP, Chartier, France) “A very good Languedoc white, quite full-bodied but also quite dry, not very aromatic, not lurid at all (. . .)”

"Where no wine as gone before!"

Wine Spectator, Harvey Steiman (September 2013)

"Ribera del Duero 2012 Chartier, Spain: For this wine, the renowned sommelier has collaborated with bodegas Arrocal to create a most civilized version of the local tinta del pais that expresses itself freely with an obviously joyous fruitiness and, above all, that measures up guilt-free to its barrel aging, yielding a tight frame finale."

Le Devoir, Jean Aubry (March 2014).

"Chartier's Toscana is so good, I would gladly pay $30-$35 for it!"

Journal de Montréal, Jessica Harnois (October 2013)

Salut Bonjour! and Journal 24H, Philippe Lapeyrie: "Chartier's wines are eminently digestible wines, just as they are aromatically expressive and quite representative of their respective areas of origin and varietals. These wines will be anyone's secret weapons for wine and food pairings. (…) His Languedoc white is pure, oily and straight to the point! His Côtes-du-Rhône red is chock-full of fruit and the syrah that it contains is balanced just right. I love it! His Fronsac red, stemming from the superb 2010 Bordeaux vintage, is quite typical of right-bank merlots. As for his Tuscan red, composed of sangiovese, cabernet and merlot, it is, by far, my favorite of the lot!

La Presse+, Karyne Duplessis (September 2013): "The sommelier strived to create wines that would be representative of their appellation: a Fronsac merlot for the Bordeaux region, an oak-aged white from the South of France, a typical Côtes-du-Rhône blend, and a Tuscan sangiovese. And that's not the only common thread between the wines in his range: all have a very refreshing acidity devoid of excessive aging in casks. The Pays d’Oc IGP 2012 white, $18.95: I can't wait until lobster season is back to enjoy this wine with the king of crustaceans! The nose is aromatic with a peach dominant. The mouth is rounded, almost hefty and powerful. Here too, peaches and apricots express themselves through a most pleasant acidity. In other words: it's good! Fronsac 2010, $19.95: This merlot is, in my opinion, the best of Chartier's reds. Born of an exceptional grape harvest in the Bordeaux region, it's a tasty wine with notes of blackcurrant, earth and bell peppers. Compared to the others, its mouth has more body and length. Nice job!

Le Devoir, Jean Aubry (September 2013): "Chartier: uncompromising quality!" His wines are respectable, and the pairings do work. But above all, one can detect their origin, that elusive typicality, as well as a true know-how to which Bordeaux oenologist Pascal Chatonnet certainly contributed. The Blanc de Chartier 2012 Pays d’Oc IGP, France: what a nice surprise this white wine represents with all its nuances and finesse. The flavors are neat, precise, floral and lemony yet with just enough volume and personality ★★★. Toscana de Chartier 2009, Italy: blind tasted alongside a Sangiovese Riserva by Umberto Cesari, this sangiovese-merlot-cabernet assemblage was the winner when accompanying a plate of pasta with tomato-basil sauce. It's an evolved wine that details aromas and flavors with a gorgeous texture that is tender and sexy and extremely charming ★★★. Fronsac de Chartier 2010, France: (…) a good wine. Colorful, compact, well-defined, but with a touch of austerity. It has body, vigorous, ripe tannins, and grain, all over a whole that begs to be amalgamated ★★★. Côtes-du-Rhône de Chartier 2012, France: the grenaches lead the way in a very expressive yet flexible and smooth manner. Quite "prime" but not devoid of substance ★★1/2. Journal Voir, Nick Hamilton (November 2013): Well thought-out wines (…). Chartier offers excellent well thought-out vintages of medium intensity that are perfectly harmonious […]

Casa TV, Jessica Harnois (October 2013): It's done! Once again, François Chartier reinvents himself. This incredibly talented man never ceases to amaze with his creativity and audacity!

Fidèles de Bacchus, Alain Lebel (October 2013): Les Fidèles de Bacchus attributes its wine of the week award to the Fronsac Merlot 2010 by Chartier Créateur d’Harmonies.

Magazine Gault & Millau, Cristophe Casazza (October 2013): "French magazine Gault et Millau praises the Chartier range of wines"

Magazine Clin d’œil (October 2013): "The Chartier range of wines are part of the Top 40 can't miss things of the fall"

Magazine Elle Québec (October 2013): "François Chartier, the most famous Québec sommelier launches a range of 4 wines crated specifically for our favorite dishes. Easy-peasy food and wine pairings for all!"

Magazine Véro (October 2013): "After a bona fide revolution in the realm of aromatic families with his book Taste Buds and Molecules, sommelier François Chartier presents his own range of 4 excellent wines!"

Magazine Décormag (October 2013): "François Chartier, the renowned Québec sommelier, introduces his own range of wines: four French and Italian vintages that are the gateway to perfect wine and food pairings."