Le Blanc 2014 Pays D’Oc I.G.P. Chartier Créateur d’harmonies, France


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SAQ : 12068117

Price 18.60 $
Varietals 60 % Chardonnay
20 % Grenache Blanc
15 % Roussanne
5 % Vioignier
Serving Tº 14 °C (cool rather than cold)
Conservation Serve within five years of the vintage
Alc. 13 %
Sugar content 1.7 grams per litre (very dry)
Format 750 ml

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Selected, assembled, aged and bottled in France by Sélections Chartier Inc. at Clos des Augustins, Pic Saint-Loup, Saint-Mathieu-de-Tréviers, Languedoc.

Just as my new Rosé 2015 Chartier, which is the result of a newfound maturity in my work as a producer, wine vintner and merchant from the vine to the cellar—, and with the help of my usual collaborators, the Mezy family and Pascal Chatonnet, the 2014 vintage of my Langedoc white displays the same noticeable evolution. The bottles are now decorated with new labels that express the importance of the terroir in my new approach, and this new white wine, which was born of the 2014 exceptional Languedoc vintage, distinguishes itself from its two forebears that I had elaborated by a higher proportion of Chardonnay as well as the use of the highly aromatic and textured Viognier varietal for the first time. As for its forebears, also, this vintage was elaborated at Clos des Augustins, a biodynamic culture domain located in the Pic Saint-Loup appellation. It’s higher proportion of Chardonnay from noble origins as well as the use of Viognier give this vintage a more intense aromatic richness and a rounder body. Apricots, peaches, white flowers, honey and coconut are all part of its aromatic profile. And just as my new Rosé Chartier, also elaborated at this Domaine, this with is more textured and generous than its forebears, but just as perfumed and penetrating with its long mineral finish imparted by the mineralized and fossilized limestone of the various terroirs in this cutting edge domain. It is, more than ever, a great gastronomy white.


This, more than ever, is a white wine for red wine lovers! It is a Languedoc vintage from the Pic Saint-Loup appellation zone where is located the Mézy family’s Clos des Augustins and it is dominated by Chardonnay to which I’ve added grenache blanc, roussanne and, for the first time, Viognier, yielding a more richly aromatic white wine with more volume on the palate. Apricots, peaches, white flowers, honey and coconut are all part of its aromatic profile. Its mineralized and fossilized limestone terroirs also impart to it a long mineralized finish. It is complex and refined and a delight to drink, especially if you serve it cool rather than cold, between 14 and 15 º C, ideally after spending about 10 minutes in a carafe.

Origin / Terroirs / Vinification

Originates mainly from the Pic Saint-Loup AOC. Soils: Chardonnay from marly limestone (mineralized and fossilized), grenache blanc (45 year-old vines) and roussanne from conglomerates and Viognier from argillaceous limestone. Moreover, the Mézy family’s Clos des Augustins domain is a biodynamic viticulture operation. The Chardonnay, roussanne and Viognier were vinified in barrels over fine lees, while the grenache blanc from very old (45+ years old) vines was vinified in casks over lees for 6 months.

Complementary Foods

Pair this dry white wine with your favourite recipes containing one or more of the following ingredients: lobster, crab, salmon, salmon trout, pork, chicken, apricots, peaches, honey, coconut, Camembert and brie type cheeses, brown rice, pecans, maple syrup, pineapple, yellow apples, butter, caramelized onions, curry, and many more. It will shine served with a pork tenderloin and its fruity salsa (apricots/peaches), as well as with a platter of soft flowered rind cheeses with roasted pecans.

Chartier/Modat Recipes

Don’t forget the 800 recipes available in the four-volume Papilles pour tous! collection, many of which are on the aromatic path of this white wine, as well as in the books Les Recettes de Papilles et Molécules and L’Essentiel de Chartier. You can also find new recipes inspired by and for this wine right on this web site. It is regularly updated with new recipes, so be sure to visit often!

Technical Sheet

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  • Grilling spices reimagined for white wines

    Préparation : 10 min
    Cuisson : 5 min

    • Dominant IngredientsGrilled spices
    • Liquid HarmonicsChardonnay
    • Families AromaticChêne et barriques @en, Oak and barrels
    • Molecule DominantsDimethyl-Pirazines @en, Dimethylpyrazine
  • Curry Oil and Celery Leaves Grilled Lobster

    Préparation : 45min
    Cuisson : 30min
    Portion : 4

    • Dominant IngredientsLobster
    • Liquid HarmonicsChardonnay
    • Families AromaticSotolon
    • Molecule DominantsLactones