Watch the trailer for the movie The Empire of Scents, inspired by the book Taste Buds and Molecules

November 10, 2014

Click through to the YouTube link below to watch the trailer from the movie The Empire of Scents (Le Nez) by Kim Nguyen, whose movie War Witch was nominated in the Best Foreign Movie category at the Oscars in 2013. The Empire of Scents was inspired by François Chartier’s aromatic science of food and wine presented in his seminal book Taste Buds and Molecules, a book that, in 2010, won the Best Innovative Food Book in the World at the Gourmand World CookBook Awards, in Paris. The world-premiere of the movie The Empire of Scents will be in Montréal, on November 12 as the opening movie of the Montreal International Documentary Festival and will be shown in theaters everywhere in the spring of 2015.