End of Geographical Boundaries of Taste: Video Chartier and chefs friends Stephane Modat (Quebec), Daniel Ovadia (Mexico) y Vineet Bhatia (London), at Wine & Culinary Forum, Barcelona, 2014, september.

January 30, 2015

Discover the Chartier Master Class with three friends. Notice that the opening video is a montage of Daniel Robillard, controlled by Chartier, to illustrate Sotolon, dominant molecule of Quebec maple syrup, Mexican huitlacoche, Indian curry and the Andalusian sherry.
In Spanish
El fin de las Barreras Geograficas del Gusto: Video Chartier y sus amigos cocineros Stephane Modat (Quebec), Daniel Ovadia (Mexico) y Vineet Bhatia (London), Barcelona Wine & Culinary, septiembre 2014.