Mc2_Confipote “for red wine lovers”: black plums with star anise

Source: This recipe is from La Sélection Chartier 2011, p. 53


Preparation : 15min
Cooking : 25min
Servings : 4

Plums and star anise, along with numerous wines, all share dominant volatile compounds.

With this recipe, we wanted to demonstrate that the aromatic attraction between these compounds was strong enough, beyond the sweet taste, to attain the harmonic comfort zone with red wine. This recipe, half way between jam and compote, will surely delight you.

Moreover, you should note that other foods which are complementary to plums (smoked black tea, clove, cinnamon, lavender, pepper, basil, rose water, cranberry, blackcurrant and scotch) are all great leads to help you create your own versions of the Mc2_Confipote.


8 large black plums, very ripe
Superfine (caster) sugar
4 star anise



Star anise infusion: in a saucepan, bring ½ cup of water to simmer. Place 2 star anise and let steep, covered, for 6 minutes. Filter and reserve.


Wash plums, remove stones, and cut into quarters.


In a mixing bowl, mix fruits with half their weight in sugar.


When sugar is completely dissolved, place mixture in a heavy bottom pot and add the star anise infusion.


On medium heat, bring to a boil for 10 minutes and add the last 2 star anise. Cook for another 5 minutes over medium heat and pour into a Masson jar. Close lid and let cool.

Aromatic Tricks

At the table

Use as lacquer or as a condiment for roasted pork tenderloin, as a garnish for a cheese plate – particularly with aged firm cheeses (such as very old gruyere and cheddar) if you wish to pair it with a red wine. You can also serve it for breakfast as a spread on toasts or as a topping for your morning yogurt.

The smoked black tea Lapsang Souchong version

You can also substitute the star anise infusion with half a teaspoon of black Lapsang Souchong tea. However, you still must add 2 star anise (step number 5 in directions), as they will appease the Confipote’s sweetness and soften the tannins of red wine, which in turn will lengthen its finish. You will have a Confipote that is subtly smoked, and will go perfectly well with oaky wines.