Le Grand Touski

2015 CÔTES-DE-GASCOGNE, Les Vins Harmonies, Vin Blanc de France

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Varietals 40 % Colombard
21 % gros manseng
26 % ugni blanc
13 % sauvignon blanc
Serving Tº 10 °C
Conservation serve within two years of the vintage
Alc./ 12 %
Format 750 ml

Dry white wine, Available in all IGA banner stores

French white wine elaborated by producer and wine vintner and merchant François Chartier at the Maison Fezas SARL Domain, Larroque–sur–L’Osse, Gers, France.

The Origin of The Name “LE GRAND TOUSKI”

In French, there is a vernacular concept of the “touski” which is a contraction of “tout ce qu’il y a” (everything there is), meaning a dish that one prepares with whatever is left in the fridge and pantry. Thus, “Le Grand Touski” was born of the desire to create a dry white that can harmonize with anything left in your fridge or pantry as well as with last minute life savers such as sushi, fried chicken and poutine! Truly, there is a white revolution under way!


A new white revolution is under way… Tired of being sold residual sugars–laden wines? Time to discover this new and incredibly aromatic dry French white wine. Sixth in the Vins Harmonies range available in all IGA outlets its exotic, Californian profile – think White Revolution, but sugar–free – and its aromas of passion fruit, papaya and lime will seduce you. Moreover, this wine is sold at a price that defies any competition! It is, as a matter of fact, the most affordable of all the European wines elaborated by François Chartier and his partners to date. Originating from the great Southwest of France and the exceptional 2015 vintage, it was elaborated to perfectly harmonize with anything you have in your fridge or pantry, as well as sushi, fried chicken and even poutine! Truly, there is a white revolution under way!

Origin / Terroirs / Vinification

The native gros manseng et colombard varietal give this dry white wine an incredibly exotic and expressive profile, very Californian, with aromas of citrus, passion fruit and papaya! It originates from the great Southwest of France and the exceptional 2015 vintage, in the Gers region, where Armagnac also originates, from a domain located at the heart of the highly gastronomic et viticultural Côtes–de–Gascogne appellation. That’s where Québec’s “créateur d’harmonies”, François Chartier, and his partner in crime, Bordeaux oenologist Pascal Chatonnet, have elaborated this vintage in collaboration with the Fezas family, fifth generation wine crafters.

Complementary Wine And Food Pairings

Chartier’s idea at the base of the elaboration of this dry white wine was to create a gastronomic Jack of all trades that would pair with a multitude of flavourful ingredients since this wine’s profile is so exuberant thanks to its fresh acidity and its dryness, without being devoid of body and volume. It’s the perfect wine for summer cuisine, but it will also pair with warmer fall and winter dishes, whether they are saucy dishes, including the famous poutine!

Pair this white with your favourite recipes including one or more of these ingredients: cheeses including cheese curds, raw fish, marinated fish, ginger, mint, green vegetables, hot sauce, mussels, shellfish, kale, rhubarb, sea–buckthorn berries, grapefruit, cauliflower, radishes, onion, garlic and fennel, and of course, sushi, fried chicken and poutine. No matter what you cook that incorporates two or more of these ingredients, you will create a perfect harmony both in your dish and between that dish and your glass of wine, provided it is LE GRAND TOUSKI!

Recipe Ideas

–Shrimp or lobster poutine
–General Tao poutine*
–Fried chicken
–Fried chicken with wasabi mayo
–Cheese curds
–Fennel salad with a citrus vinaigrette
–Marinière mussels
–White wine and fennel mussels
–Cheese curd tapas with apples and basil
–Asparagus salad with grapefruit and mint vinaigrette
–Shrimp stuffed tilapia roll
–Cream of cauliflower served with papaya
–Tinned smoked mussels
–Tinned smoked oysters
–Shrimp mousse or dip


Don’t forget the 800 recipes available in the four–volume Papilles pour tous! collection, many of which are on the aromatic path of this rosé. New recipes created specifically for this new white wine will also be available here soon.