L’épicé noir

2014 Campo de Borja D.O., Les Vins Harmonies, Spain

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Varietals 100 % garnacha from very old vines (45 to 65 years old)
Serving temperature 16-17 ºC (15 minutes in the fridge)
Conservation Serve within five years of the purchace
Alc./ 13,5 %
Format 750 ml

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Selected, assembled and aged by François Chartier «Créateur d’harmonies» at Bodegas Isaac Fernandez, Spain.

Complementary ingredients for a successful harmony

This 100% very old garnacha vines vintage pairs beautifully with all types of grilled foods, whether it’s meat, fish or vegetables, with barbecue- or chipotle-based sauces, dark chocolate, spices, sesame, strawberries, ginger, tarragon, coffee, bell peppers, cloves, beets, vanilla, smoked paprika, and many more.


This red wine from very old (45 to 64 years old) vines stems from the Campo de Borja D.O. appellation located in the northwestern part of the Zaragoza region (Aragon, Spain). It is a transitional zone between the Ebro plains and the mountains of the Iberian system which includes, in its western part, the prestigious Ribera del Duero and Rueda appellations. More specifically, it originates from the Moncayo mountain, ground zero of the Campo de Borja wine growing appellation because of its microclimate and peculiar soils that give this wine a unique character when compared to others in the same appellation. The result is very aromatic, ample, juicy, one might even say plump, with blended tannins, devoid of woody notes and chock-full of red fruit and spices.

L’Épicé Noir, that François Chartier created with two of his Spanish wine maker friends, Aurelio Cabestrero and Isaac Fernandez, stems from very old garnacha vines that grow on iron-laden clayish hillsides (ferruginous clays) of the Moncayo mountains, 700 meters above sea-level, hence the freshness of the fruit and tannins of this vintage. The wine is fermented and aged in stainless vats and never sees any wood.

Origin / Terroir / Vinification

This red wine stems from very old garnacha vines cultivated in high altitude (700 to 750 meters) on the hillsides of the Moncayo mountain. The vines grow in a rocky ferruginous clay soil. The grapes are hand-picked and carefully fermented in stainless steel vats. The climate of the Campo de Borja appellation is very continental with some influence from the Atlantic during the winter, especially the “Cierzo” a northwesterly wind that is cold and dry, and a Mediterranean influence during the summer. This peculiar climate gives this wine its unique characteristics that distinguish it from other wine producing areas in the region. There are, notably, major daily and seasonal temperature changes and extreme temperatures. Rainfall is very low. The predominant soil type in this appellation are brown limestone in slopes and terraces presenting medium stoniness, good drainage and an average level of organic matter. The heart, however, of this appellation is located in Moncayo, where this wine originates from and where the stoniness is higher on the ferruginous slopes of this commune that is an emblem of the appellation.

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Chartier/Modat Recipes

Don’t forget the 800+ recipes in the 4 volumes of the Papilles pour tous! recipes collection, where you’ll find many recipes on the same aromatic path as this Spanish red wine from very old garnacha vines. You will also find many aromatic paths for foods that complement this wine in the new book L’Essentiel de Chartier (in stores on November 5, 2015). Stay tuned for more recipes created specifically for this wine on this Website in the coming weeks.


  • Sign O’ the Thyme Lamb Moussaka

    Préparation : 30min
    Cuisson : 2h
    Portion : 8

    • Dominant IngredientsLamb
    • Liquid HarmonicsCôtes-du-Rhône red
    • Families AromaticThyme
    • Molecule DominantsThymol