Papilles et Molécules

La science aromatique des aliments et des vins

The prestigious American publishing house Wiley has acquired the rights to publish the English version of Papilles et Molécules (Éditions La Presse) in the United States in 2012. It is quite exceptional for a French book from Quebec to break into the U.S. market. The president from Les Éditions La Presse, André Provencher, is delighted with this momentous achievement, stating: “The American edition of Papilles et Molécules will help us accelerate the dissemination of François Chartier’s work around the world”.

Nouvelle présentation (octobre 2013)

New presentation (october 2013)

“It is a great day for the Papilles et Molécules project, which continues to make great strides in Quebec and abroad, with food and wine lovers, as well as with young and more mature neophytes!”, said the ecstatic François Chartier. “A few Manhattan houses have been fighting for the publishing rights for a number of months. This exciting development confirms the growing interest these new aromatic paths in culinary creations have awakened around the world.” The book Papilles et Molécules received international acclaim in 2010 when it was awarded the Best Innovative Food Book In The World, at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Paris.

François Chartier is now on the international scene. In the coming months, he will be giving a number of conferences on the aromatic science of food and wine in Montreal, Toronto, New York (, and in Spain and Germany.


Original presentation

In June 2009, François Chartier released the first results of his scientific research on “molecular harmonies and sommellerie” in his book Papilles et Molécules – La science aromatique des aliments et des vins. The book was an instant hit with the Canadian public, quickly positioning itself at the top of the bestsellers list of the year. In August 2010, Papilles et Molécules was published in English Canada by McClelland & Stewart, under the title Taste Buds and Molecules – The Art and Science of Food and Wine. The publishing rights have also been sold in Hungary and in Russia, where the book was published in 2011. For two years now, volume I of Papilles et Molécules has been at the top of the best sellers list on, and so has Taste buds and Molecules.

Moreover, Taste Buds and Molecules – The Art and Science of Food and Wine is a finalist for an International Association of Culinary Professionals 2011 Cookbook Award in the Wine, Beer or Spirits category. The winners will be revealed on June 2nd, in Austin, Texas..