Imperial Sotolon – Série Gastronomie Glutenberg & Chartier Créateur d’harmonies

Limited-production & 100% gluten-free

Style Gastronomic / experimental
Alc. 8 %
Color Golden
Aging Cask
IBU 26
Service T° 12 - 14 °C
Format 750 ml
Ingredients Millet
Roasted buckwheat
Demerara sugar
Maple syrup
Grilled fenugreek

The Impérial Sotolon was elaborated in collaboration with Chartier Créateur d’harmonies around sotolon, the same central aromatic component found in maple syrup. It was aged in old dark rum oak casks from Guyanan producer El Dorado. The aromatic path of the Impérial Sotolon revolves around maple, grilled buckwheat, roasted fenugreek, molasses and coffee.

It will be the best companion to recipes based on maple flavor, curry, balsamic vinegar or soy sauce just as well as others dominated by nuts, apricots, peaches or coconut and, obviously, grilled or roasted beef or pork.


A noble beer with a very aromatic nose. Rich and complex, with maple syrup, coffee, buckwheat honey, oriental spice, aged brown rum, dried fig and date notes accompanied by hints of grilled/roasted flavors.


Full and round, with an imposing volume but of grand stature, compelling and liquorous with subtle foaming qualities and an elongated, flavorful finale lasting a few minutes; somewhat reminiscent of the noble Sauternes wines or Jura yellow wines.

Pairs well with…

Maple, curry, balsamic vinegar, soya sauce, nuts, apricots, peach, grilled/roasted meats.

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